VIP Days

Tackling a bulk of your to-do's in just one day.

From web page design to content creation, we’ll cut down your long do-to list in just one day.

Social Media Services

  • Graphics (Story, Reel Cover, Carousel) Design

Short-Form Video Editing (Instagram, TikTok, Shorts)

  • Long-Form Video Editing (YouTube)
  • Caption + Hashtag Researches
  • Scheduling + Distribution
  • Engagement
  • Visual Instagram Grid Design
  • Content Calendar Management
  • Content Creation + UGC Creation
  • In-Office (or Studio) Content Shoot Days – Available for those in Lower Mainland, BC, Canada

Web page Design Services

  • Design and develop website landing pages for launches
  • Update website imagery, font, colors, and copy to match brand guidelines
  • Create a funnel for upcoming launches

Digital Marketing

  • Create email marketing campaigns for an upcoming launch
  • Blog post ideation and creation
  • Crafting a digital marketing plan for your upcoming launch


Starts at $500 USD

1-2 Days (Depending on the scope of the project)